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This map really is strange and full of inconsistencies.

Why are Bosnia and Ukraine in light blue? They didn't exactly overthrow their kings, they were merely conquered by foreign kings, Ottoman and Mongol ones, respectively, and were thus both monarchies until the end of WWI. The same goes for Poland and Lithuania. They were ruled by the same king in personal union and are thus both in light blue, because they were conquered in the same year - I get that. But technically, pretty much every king of a bigger empire claimed to be the king of several countries in personal union rather than to be the king of one single uniform empire to give the different ethnicities a sense of independence (the best example for this is Österreich-Ungarn). Thus, if anything, Lithuania's year should be 1569, since from then on they formed a union with Poland which Poland dominated - just like Bosnia and Turkey did, only that one of these unions was voluntarily formed and the other one forcibly.

This choice seems especially strange when considering that in 1862 Moldavia joined a personal union with Wallachia to form the kingdom of Romania. This is everything but an abolition of monarchy.

Switzerland, on the other hand, which actually drove out the Habsburgs and other noble houses in the 13th century and thereby abolished aristocracy and monarchy, is grey.

Cyprus was an independent monarchy until 1474 and thereafter ruled by Venetian and Genoan merchants and Ottoman and British kings, but is grey as well. I don't know why crusaders do not count as real kings for the maker of this map; pretty much every kingdom in Europe not belonging to the Great Powers was ruled by one of their dynasties by the end of the 19th century. The Romanian king of Romania was driven out of the country by Russia and the Ottomans and replaced by some Prussian Hohenzollern dude who had never been to the country before in 1866, and this foreign dynasty ruled until 1947, but foreign crusader kings in Cyprus don't count for what reason exactly? The crusaders being mean bullies and islamophobic? I don't fucking know man.

Also, Slovakia and Slovenia could arguably both have 659 as their date, when Samo died, as he was some kind of a ruler of all central Slavs in personal union; Slovakia could have 833 as well, when the Principality of Nitra was annexed by Moravia.

And lastly, why are there two different (albeit correct) dates for the abolition of monarchy in France, when the first (and best known) abolition of monarchy took place in 1793?

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